How to meditate, by slipping into it

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A lot of people will consider meditation, but consider it to be too hard, or too distracting, or plain old boring. How do you then get time out of your system to meditate?

First things first, remove all pre-conceived notions about meditations. No, you’re not going to get super-powers or awakened chakras by doing standard meditation. No, your mind will not silence permanently if you do meditation regularly. And no, you dont need to go to Himalayas to learn to mediate. You slip into mediation by thinking about your thoughts. Thinking them through.

Imagine a scenario where you’re in a bus, or even at work. You start thinking about your thoughts, and start to think them through one by one. At a certain, you’ll try to think about what it would be like to have no thoughts. Or even the idea that no-thoughts and thoughts are the same thing. At this stage, you’ll consider the benefits of pure silence, and you’ll close your eyes for 2 seconds longer than usual. That’s your signal to go into mediation, your body is ready for it. When you slip in, try to enjoy the journey. If you want to open your eyes, you can open your eyes. If you want to check your phone you can check your phone. But after you’re bored with all of the distractions, you can slip into mediation again. You can start off with mediating for 20 seconds at a time, until you can go ahead and go deeper for longer. You’ll find that you sometimes think about your thoughts, or you listen to your surroundings. Both states are perfectly fine.

Now, eventually, you’ll start to calm down and you’ll notice a few patterns emerging in your thoughts. You can see that these patterns lead nowhere, and that you can ignore thoughts for a bit. Just for a moment.

Now at this point, slowly imagineĀ a world that you want to be in. A world that’s beautiful and lovely. Clouds, music, a dinner party, loud music, whatever you want to have in this beautiful world – you can have it.

Now slowly let it fade away, and relax. Breathe out, and enjoy the silence of that single moment.

Try it out for a few seconds today.



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