IN the middle of a rant

Dream Feed

A sun a father and a holy spirit and the middle of it all, a soldier waiting for his life back. A beggar screaming for forgiveness and a mother wishing for a life filled with marigolds and wish-dreams. A censor board that cuts out your mind, and a board of tazers that use themselves upon thee to punish for the will of God. How else will the nature and the universe co-exist if not for a little fun and a little play?

A billowing meadow trapped underneath a tiger caged inside your mind. A river that pollutes and dilutes off a river bed, into the sunshine brightness of the silver seas. How else would wonder be a better idea to wander than its beginning to itself trapped in a soul bondage. How will thee. How will he. How will ye. How will the earth revolve around the sun if the Jupiter is against the sun. Clockwise spinning and anticlockwise spinning, all effects of each others in defiance of the pure will of the creator. How does the determining factor behind love become cheating and hate. How will love deceive and begin to receive. How does one become a universe, and how does a universe become one.

photo credit: *nikita via photopin cc



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