Mind Magic Meltdown: Why we fear our problems

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Sit still for a moment, and think about your own death. Go ahead, you have 3 minutes to spare. Sit still and just wait for your death to come. Think about your body slowly decaying and turning into dust. Imagine what the world would be after you die. If you have thoughts that distract you, follow them until you come back to the topic of death. See how you feel?

You feel absolutely nothing. You feel no different. But the eventual pain of death will come to you, but you don’t fear it or even give it second thought. Your train of thought simply goes on and on. So why is it that when the pain of something irrational – like work, family, friends, boss, etc strikes you, you can’t look away? You have to think about it constantly and try to solve it, or be lazy and run away from the problem at hand. See, this problem of death is unfixable and the problem inside your mind about all your issues are some-what fixable. The real magic is in figuring out why you have these hang-ups in the first place.

But you see, what’s the ultimate point of your problems and you fixing them? Everyone has problems. Even baby Giraffes do. So is solving your problems or fearing them, really the point of your life? No. It should be about play and having fun in life, not about being drugged down with thinking about your problems over and over again. When you find something that needs to be fixed, you fix it. When you are unable to fix them, then walk away. How often will this experience of life strike you again?

Enjoy it while it lasts, and remember that we’re all in this together. Everyone is.

Lots of love

– Sanchit

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