What moves the unmovable?

Dream Feed

Music. Music moves the unmovable. The wind goes in music. Wind blows mountains, one swoosh at a time. The wind is you, and the music is this. And in this this, you are nothing more and nothing less. Everything is connected, and if everything is one – then who dares believe that you are different from everyone and everything. It is you. You create the duality and you create unity in your mind. You consider yourself to be separate from a mosquito or a chair or a bench, and it is you that sees difference in colours – skin, shade, race, face.

What is the real reason behind the “you” that creates itself? It’s your DNA that decides you, and you She-NA that makes you love the you that you’ve created. The inner love that you feel for another, and the outer love you feel from the universe.

A single sound of another human, sparks a host of activity in our neurons. We get little boosts of dopamine in our brain. Why not get lost in the sound of someone, instead of immediately responding back? Why not play your own game, instead of everyone else’s?

Move it. Move the unmovable. You got it. Because you have nothing to worry about except your own death. But even death is not the end of a never-ending journey. Love this ride, you know you want to.



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