Music is basically storytelling


A play, the play, the only play. Music.

Hard to perceive, and yours to deceive. The self creator, as some would conceive. A set above, as one would forsee.

You start imaging yourself as the performer, be it music, theatre, or the arts. You start playing the imaginary guitar every time your favourite song comes up. We want to immerse ourselves into the life of the artist. We want to believe in a better future for ourselves, a future filled with art. A finely tuned soap opera where the fat-lady doesn’t sing only in your own mind. We have developed a way to bend reality in our own minds, by imagining ourselves as future deviants. We sing, we dance, we play we prance, all in the effort of looking for happiness. Happiness in our own minds, that tell no lies to one another. We fulfil prophecies that we dictate for ourselves, and we forget who we are in the mix. We are no one and no one is everything. Dance, music, enlightenment. That is all we seek in this lifetime, with the current rules of our existence.

We jump into the narrative of the girl who’s heart was crushed, we soak in the rage of the rebel, and we calm our minds with┬áthe age old medicine – the country blues. Jazz is nature, in that its got a steady flow which bores you after a while, and excites you as well. Who dares come close to realising that life is nothing but a sham, or even a large party on the weekdays and the weekends. We live, we eat, we dance – and in this we truly live.

We are free in music, it moves and touches us, and we contine to chant our chants – regardless of religion. We breakdance, beat box, square dance, and tap dance only to express the inevitable – that life is beautiful. Any other way of looking at it gives us immense sorrow and disappointment. Disappointment in that we only live once, and we couldn’t truly have fun in the muck of dirt and grime.

Its all meaningless to someone who has lost her entire family, and all too meaningful to someone who has even lost her home. When you are down, there is nothing to lose and when you are up you have nothing to gain. Music permeates the boredom and the pain, and offers a better narrative. A better life, a life filled with hope and joy. Use it.

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