Being Music

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Being the one thing that people love in the world. Music.

How does one become one with everything around itself? How does one become music. How does one bceom anything? How do words become souds, and souds beone loud soudns. Soudns that are twisted around. Soudns that have life in them. Sounds that have phoenetics involved intheir likelyhood and in their mind’s eyes. How does one see beyoudn soudns and love beyoung ilses of mistaken doubts and fears?

How do ideas fear from selves. How do ads become ideas and ideas become voices.

So boring. So sublte. and so doubtful is the vengeance of sound and its lifeline on its own self. A mountain of amalace inside a structure of eviction and evil.

Music can be a million things inside a million others. And hiding in the sun-walls, is the barriers of your minds. Maximum doubts leveling inside maximum lives.

We live and live and live until we find no flow in our ownselves. We revolve our lives around work and like machines we forget what be beleive in. Love and music.

Be music today, see how it feels and be livened up for today is the most interesting day of your life.




photo credit: Sprengben [why not get a friend] via photopin cc



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