Namastey; Now-Imma-go

On average, once a month we feel ourselves deep inside. We say what’s the purpose of this existence? We come (namaste) and we wave to everyone, then we die or fly away (now-imma-go). We also can or can not reincarnate. So this means that all that it is, isn;t all that there isn’t?

We come, we go and we party in the middle? Or we suffer in pain and vain and our glory is for everyone to disdain?

It all depends on how you see life. I see it like this – stay,go, stay, go. Its all one wheel that’s turning. If not you, then someone else comes to this planet and lives its life. Experiences its experience. But now what? – Nothing. Now is the same nothing and in the future will become something. Because if something (a meaning or a purpose) was your goal then you are forgotten immediately. Martin Luther King has become a holiday and Gandhi has become a nurse.

There isn’t anything else left for you but to live what you would like to live.

10:12pm via photopin (license)

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