The next step in the chain of evolution

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Where else can the human race go after this? What else will we become? Will we have larger brains and longer legs? Or will we develop the ability to synthesize proteins from bad food sources?

No. The next evolution will come from technology.

Technology will mold itself into our everyday lives. We will wear brain-wave reading headsets and will manipulate our environment and our homes with our minds. Check out neurosky.

Our food sources, although limited, will become extremely efficient. We would only need to swallow a pill or two, which will satisfy our hunger quite effectively. Nanobots do a great job in medicines, and they will do a great job in food as well. We can scan people’s bodies and 3D-print capsules for food, which can reach the remotest regions in the world.

Some people will achieve evolution faster than others, but there will be a reachable upper limit to our evolution. An upper limit where we no longer need to become dependent on food, sleep or shelter.

Imagine, if the whole world has satisfied all of its human needs. We don’t need to eat, or sleep, or buy a home. Finally, we would be capable of permanently eliminating all our needs. We wouldn’t even have any emotional or psychopathic problems, as science would have mapped, tracked, and solved all our mental issues forever. This will be initiated by a freedom/people’s movement, similar to the giant shift to organic and whole foods movement.

We would be moving to solar energy, and renewable forms of fuels for our cars. Soon manufacturing will make it cheap enough to own a car that lasts decades for free. Cars would become negligible in cost. Profits would dwindle, until we make transportation almost free of charge worldwide by the year 2200.

Now imagine a world where you don’t need to eat, sleep, or do anything that you ‘need’ to do. All your education and life skills will be downloadable via a computer. You are now the most intelligent beings that have ever existed. You have rapidly sped up all natural processes.

Soon, the number of children being born will decrease. Japan is already in a negative slump, as Bill Gates remarked that education and economic growth are the drivers of birth control. People don’t need to be afraid of old age, as technology will make it ok to be without children to take care of you.

Now then, jobs will fade away, as there would be no more requirement of taking care of our basic needs. We would only have science and art – taking center stage. Science explores the universe every day and every hour. Art entertains us over and over again. We would only be making things that we want to create, regardless of whether people would care about it or not. We would only do scientific exploration in arenas where it makes sense for us, without seeing the economic impact or resources acquired. We would work for free, because we didn’t need to work. We simply did it because we enjoyed it, out of curiosity.

This is Utopia. A world where all our needs are taken care of, and we simply do whatever we please. We enjoy the abundance, instead of worrying about what would be the economic/personal damage.

But of course, there will be vagrants. Vagrants that will always steal, do drugs, murder, and rape. These people will be given a permanent chemical injection that affects the part of the brain that tells them to commit crime. In other words, we would alter their brains, to be only good people. We could even start prenatally, and inject babies with small doses, to ensure that they remain happy, and not turn to a life of murder or rape.

A world, filled with happy people, where people do only good things in life.

Imagine, that. So boring. This kind of world will so clear-cut, and so standardized, that even art will start to stink after a while. Science will start to feel that its a burden for them to only focus on technologies that are useful or fun in a “good” way for us.

You know what happens next? The vagrants, I mentioned earlier? – They would run away, and start their own civilization. A civilization that stood against everything the Utopians preached. As long as we only focus on the “good”, we always have the “bad”. We can’t imagine a world where we don’t have the duality co-existing within us.

Now, imagine that this Utopian world wanted to solve the problem of good and evil. They wanted to solve the issue of Vagrants and Utopians. So they decided to create a mini-universe, because they were fed up of this challenge. A mini-universe s created, which is more like a game. A game, where a Big Bang happened, and everything emerged from it. Good, bad, dark, light, skies, waters, etc. A computer program that existed in 2-3 dimensions. All participants were not told that they were experiments, but were simply alive and had to figure out life by themselves. They would then become smarter eventually and would then solve the problem of good and evil. To make things more scientifically prudent, there would have to be different universes running in parallel, so that the odds of finding data was stronger.

What if that experiment is now? What if that’s who we are and where we are. What if this experiment was the Utopian civilization? What if we create this kind of experiment? If you don’t think that we are capable of doing this, then take a look at any science lab in the world. Bacteria are being grown and studied in Petri dishes. For the bacteria, the dish is their universe and we are their Gods. Imagine that, little old us being gods. Having complete control over a simulation or a world, or a universe. Why, we would fuck things up – being human beings. And so, we would like to preserve this universe and keep it away from any stimulation or affect from any external creator or any God. Hence a universe would have to be maintained without the introduction of its creator to them. God would have to keep out of the on-goings of the universe.

Now, lets take another perspective all together. The perspective of entertainment and games. See, on YouTube, the number 1 thing that people watch are videos related to gaming. People play games all the time. Right from our oldest cultures to today. Games are integral to our everyday being. Imagine that you can wear a lens. A lens that showed you a different universe. A universe in which you were a part of some other world all together. A different story-book every night, and a different alter-ego every day. Now, along with these lenses, you had skin sensors and ear-piece speakers. You’ve introduced touch and sound in the game. Now imagine that at a neural level, we could safely enter this game world with all our senses. Imagine that! What a remarkable world. We could set a timer in that universe. We could say that we should feel like we can’t escape but only be there for 20 days. What an exciting challenge. Especially after all our needs are taken care of, we would need to do something interesting to pass the time.

Now we’re in this world, and its a great world. We play the game as paramecium, then lizards, then dinosaurs, and then cavemen. We would like to get as much entertainment as possible, so we simultaneously play as all creatures. We play as monkeys, as giraffes, as tigers as cheetas. But we don’t let ourselves know that we can play all these roles at once. Otherwise the game is up. We would figure out that its a game, and wouldn’t want to participate anymore, or would want to go back home.

Can you consider a universe where we are simply playing a game, and that the purpose of living is simply entertainment for ourselves that created the universe in the first place? Can you consider this universe as a part of the same? I said a little while ago, that the vagrants would take over and destroy a Utopia. But now, this universe is both Vagrants and Utopians. Because deep down, they know that they are the same thing, and the same being. The same instant, and the same chemicals. If they know this, they can continue playing the games of being nice and naughty. Good and Evil. All mythology is based on Good and Evil. China has Yin and Yang, and Jesus had Mary. A difference in something, makes the story more interesting. A difference in something makes life more interesting. A change, and a fluctuation makes the universe fun and interesting. If life was a standard set of events, we wouldn’t want to continue living. If life was only bad, we would want to move out. If life was only good, then we would rely on art and comedy to show us the way out and make fun of the bad in the universe.

See, comedy and art would be extremely boring without the conflicting emotions. You can’t make fun of things in heaven, because everything would be perfect.

There isn’t anything to be done in this universe. There is nothing to accomplish. This is the simple fact that arises from the evolution of all thoughts. You think and think and think, and you try to control everything about yourself until you finally give up, and the process continues again. Technology will soon be making us omnipotent, and omnipresent, but our universe will continue onwards as its supposed to. So it doesn’t matter which side of the debate you’re on. Eveyone and everything is the same.


photo credit: GregPC via photopin



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