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Is there another field of examination apart from that which you call  yourself? There is science and there is religion, which is not related to who you are or what you do. There isn’t anything in the world that places doubt in themselves, but with others – they place a huge amount of doubt. They call others naysayers and walk-smiths. They terms them as “the others”. They don’t see eye-to-eye with anyone and they cast doubt on everyone until the whole world conforms to themselves. And in the end, they don’t even know who they are anymore. They lose it. They lose their sense of self, and they become “the other”, the “rebel”, the “stone-faces”, “the riot-starters”. That’s what it is. That becomes them. So starting from being “the group”, they become the “rebel”. Why is that now?

Why is it that we are never happy with our current state of affairs? Why do we need to constantly change this and improve things? Why are we in this madness  of sticking to death and avoiding it? Why do we become yourself and myself, instead of ourselves? Why do we insist that everyone follow our game, when there are multiple games to play instead of our own? What will we learn from our own minds, if we keep going deeper and deeper and not playing the world outside of us?

We have all the time in the world, and we do nothing with it. We simply waste it away, and don’t apply ourselves to the real world that’s out there. Imagine that you live for a million years, and you continue living on and on. How many times do you want to become depressed and happy, then depressed and happy again? Instead, choose bliss. Accept both happiness and sadness. When sadness becomes you, you should try to look at the happiness as well. Remove the stress from your life, and become happiness.


photo credit: Andrée Oulmann – On Linden Way via photopin cc



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