What is Nirvana?

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what is nirvana

What really is the thing that edges us to go beyond our own selves, and find out a truth beyond our wildest realizations? What is Nirvana? What is the meaning of enlightenment? What does it mean, when the great masters say “Just be”.

What’s the noise behind Nirvana and why does it make sense for us to attain it?

To start off with, Nirvana is already yours. Every thing in the universe knows nirvana deep down. Every creature runs away from it, because it is inside a play, game or story. It feels alive inside itself and it expresses its emotion in a repetitive cycle based on the brain. The brain that grew from the universe, instead of inside it.

Nirvana means ” to blow out”. It doesn’t mean – “The final knowledge of the universe.” Because Nirvana knows that there are limitations to knowing about the universe. When you finally accept this, you are liberated from troubling thought. Your thoughts still occur, you still have mood swings, but your state of mind feels different from when Nirvana didn’t be you.

How does someone get Nirvana?

By searching for it. You don’t have to go to the Himalayas for this. Youtube/books will do. Infact Youtube is better. You get to hear the masters speak it out and you can measure and guage their level of truth behind their philosophies.

What happens after you get Nirvana?

Nothing. Life goes on. But slightly differently. You can continue being what you are. But you get a clearer perspective on the universe. A theoretical framework, that once worn as a crown (Jesus’s crown of thorns), provides clarity. Now at this point, you can choose to go back into poisonous worldy swings, but only because you desire to help people out of their miseries, and out of their games.

What is the meaning of life?

Life is meant to be for pleasure and fun. However happiness can not exist without sadness. You will get both of each feeling. However, the fact that you’re continuing to live implies that you find something fun to hang on to. The fact that you commit suicide implies that you want to live in an environment that is more fun than what is – at the moment.

Does everyone that attain Nirvana, have to become a Guru?

The existence of a guru, implies the existence of a student. Which is a game. A game that continues forever until the student realizes that he has learned everything and doesn’t need to learn any more. Hence, you can become a guru, or a dentist, or an artist. You can continue being whatever you are and were. Everything flows like music and you’ll soon see the aberrations of life as mere notes on a larger composition.

Can you give me Nirvana?

Can a river teach itself to swim? No. I nor anyone can give you Nirvana. It is your choice to accept it and guage it against your own will.

What do I need to hear or read in order to attain Nirvana?

A. Life is a game. Life is made of rules, structures, limitations, and chances. Like cricket, or football. Sometimes games become boring, but every game may seem like its never ending. Hence games without endings are pointless to get out of. And games with endings, are certain to get out of.

B. Everything is one. We all came from the Big bang. Trees, mes, tees, and tease. All one. Everyone and everything is atoms. All one.

C. God is You. God has created eyes, ears, skin, toungue to have fun in his creation. The ultimate game designer that falls in love with his creation. Hence, everyone and everything is God. God is playing the Tiger game, the lion game, the human game, the wall game, the desk game, the laptop game, and the wi-fi game.

D. Everything is duality. A duality that implies a game. Happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. How do you define the night, without knowing the day? A game that keeps frequenting between extremes. Sometimes you are happy, other times sad. But both exist at once.

E. Love. Love is the feeling that you feel when you come close to something or someone. Love is underneath us all. We all feel it because when we feel close to something, we feel like God. We feel as close to the universe as when we touch a single blade of grass. We feel the love through us, and we image a better future for us.

F. Boredom. Boredom is the problem that created the universe. Boredom is simply a rudimentary stop that you’ve put in this universe. Flow with it, and do whatever you want to in life.


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