Not to say that its all true

Boredom Desire

Now of course some of it (if not most of it) is false. Its fables, its the intricate story that the storyseller has sold you. He’s sold your soul for the database marketing initiatives of a simple organization. Extremely unilateral.  The thought is one way and there is no other way. Death is a way? Death isn’t a way faking it isn’t either. So we’re here now, were in a world that we don’t enjoy and at a shadow where we never see the sun. So where do we go from here? Should we go within, or should we buy wings. Distractions. Flying away from our dreams and nightmares, while we entertain ourselves mindlessly trying to find inspiration for inaction. I was deeply dissapointed with the starting of La La Land, but ended up loving the ending. Bitter sweet, just like licorice. Its all there, its all out in the open you just need to connect the dots within



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