Not What should be, but What is

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We often have our own pre-existing notions of what the universe should be all about. We start assuming the worst first, and the best last. We think and over-think until our mind runs dry. The truest philosophy of life shouldnt create any more thoughts bubbling afterwards. The truest philosophy for yourself should end all thoughts and questions. Certains times, we chase happiness blindly thinking that happiness is the key to the meaning of life. Other times, we deeply connect ourselves to getting rid of happiness and all things pleasurable. None of this should be rejected, but they should all co-exists as one thing. One entity, and one experience. One mindset and one game.

There really isnt much to be said about life, after you live through it and die peacefully. There is a lot to be said about life when you’re 3 years old. Life is a bowl of ice-cream, a kiss on the cheek and a pain in the abdomen after eating too much ice-cream. We all live from weekend to weekend, and we assume that that’s life. Life could be more than that, life could be more. But eventually, life is that what is. Life is nothing more than what can be seen as lively. Full of life and full of hopes and expectations. Full of dream changing environments and life altering moments, full of unique dates, and unfollowing bad nightmares.

You can choose whatever you want to be in this lifetime, and you will inevitably realize that you don’t really NEED to be anywhere except now. You can create your own future, and can truly enjoy the today – the present moment. The NOW.



photo credit: Sprengben [why not get a friend] via photopin cc



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