Notes – Where we are, where we want to be and what not

That’s what we do, you know. We make notes, we make lists, and we make dreams and we make houses. But what’s the point of it all? Is it nothing or is it something? See both perspectives are perfectly correct from their perspectives. But in order to be happier, you should give up your expectations from things in life and just be. But see the point of view of someone that needs money and wants to save money, he/she will not care about the things that you talk about. They’re fixed, because they only see life a certain way. In notes and currencies. That is all for them.

Both are right.

Both are wrong.

Both are correct in conjunction. Sometimes life is this way and sometimes that way. That’s how it is, and seeing it in any other way is just another game. Now what is a game? A game is a journey with set rules and a determined objective. A principle at the end decides your performance and determines whether you deserve to level up.

Now take the perspective of the banker who only wants money. He waits for a promotion, prepares his lists and moves on from the ocean to the bay. From risky tides (as a young investor) to a structured retirement (as an old person). This is a game that he has created and labeled it as – the safest game there is.

Now, take the perspective of the artists, or the poet. He sees structure and abhors it. He only loves scraps of money, and he is obsessed with being ‘real’. That is also a game, which he has labeled as “sane”.

Now, take the perspective of someone that lives for 1 year on this earth, and dies in Africa. What’s his perspective? We’ll never know. Ergo, our perspectives are only limited to what WE can read, hear, and sense. That is all.

But the beauty of it all, is that the rules of life are the same for everyone. We just see it differently as and when we please to do so.

Notes. They help us monitor things, but beyond that they’re worthless.

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