Nuggets & Gems

“When the mind dies, all others die with it. Thoughts, questions and answers. Funny how that happens.”

“Death of a relative is relative. For the relative, the people around him die forever.”

“What is the difference between Yoga and Meditation? – Exercise and relaxation (they’re the same) of the mind and body (they’re the same)”

“When someone asks for your purpose in life, you say – Purpose is your prerequisite for living? Why?”

“It sometimes seems like God is wearing Oculus Rift contact lenses and is having a great time at our expense. But ofcourse, that removes any sense of fear – unless that’s what you’re looking for.”

“Does the body need balance, and the mind need dissonance? – We regulate our sleep cuz our bodies require it. But we commit suicide because sometimes our minds require it.”

“Cognitive polyphasia, is the term that denotes the state of mind when various different thought processes, rationale, ethics, and knowledge are present at the same time. I strongly believe that this is true for everyone. Our mind loves assumptions and hypothesis and never really forgets data points and ideas – no matter how stupid they might seem”

“Share your wealth. Like butter. Spread it around. It makes the toast tastier, rather than have it mulched up in one corner.”

“Nature destroys us consistently, but yet we pray to it in some way shape or form. Its like the deer worshiping the tiger.”

“Is there a deeper thought than that a thought that finally quenches all our thoughts? Gives us silence. Then what is the purpose of thoughts in the first place, if we are to finally put them to rest.”

“What people don’t understand is that “Nothing” is something. Therefore, if after death there is nothing, then that experience is a thing, implying continuation of consciousness or the experience of after-birth. But ofcourse the after-life is also a myth just like this life here is.”