How to overcome depression

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overcoming depression

How to overcome depression

Note – This isn’t from a scientific perspective. I need to inform you that the advise given below is only meant to serve as a guideline to question yourself on your own thoughts of depression. I’ve written another extensive article on depression and what it is all about.

Think to yourself about the idea of depression and what it encapsulates. Think about the symptoms for a moment.

  • Tired, sleepy, lazy, spending hours in bed on the TVĀ and online.
  • Lack of human communication, except for the people on the screens (laptop/tv)
  • No motivation to work, or no pleasure received from work
  • Fear from the outside world (the fakeness around it or the madness around it)
  • Faith in own thoughts, or sometimes thoughts becoming our only companion
  • Hatred for things that cause stress (a lot of things)
  • Almost a desire to seek change in behavior, but then not take any action as actions appear pointless
  • Hatred of religion and concepts around God
  • Hatred around changing times
  • Hatred around things around you
  • Lack of expressing emotions to those near you

Now, take a step back and ask yourself – where did I go wrong? Where did my thought skyscrapper go wild? We all have this idea that we build our thoughts, but if you see – that’s more or less not true.

We have chemicals in our brains that dictate where we go and how we feel. Those chemicals (endorphin, serotonin, etc) are totally dependent on your environment and your condition. Therefore, what you eat, how much exercise you get, and how clean your environment is affects your mood, and aids in overcoming depression.

But the fundamental problem behind depression is expectations. Expecting depression to go away is a cause of feeling depressed further. Expecting that we’re going to achieve some goal or some man-made destiny. We try a different frame of mind, and see if depression fades. It doesn’t, and we feel even more stressed. Our culture shies away from talking about depression as well. Nobody wants to accept that they’re depressed. Now you can accept it. Everyone is depressed to a certain extent and your depression is only but a part of a spectrum.

Now, how do you overcome depression?

1. Understand that depression was given to you by the creator. You didn’t ask for it. Then why do you play along with it?

2. Eating, exercising, and talking. Self-expression is the number one way to actually being in a state of peace with your depression.

3. Talking to yourself. You have questions in your mind that keep rattling around your brain. There are questions that are solvable and others that are not. Therefore, you can let go of questions all together and realize that in the end there is no thought left over. If there is no thought, you have no identity – which creates more depression. You become your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be that way forever, and infact if it was – it would be a pretty predictable universe, which we don’t expect anyways.

4. Rich and Poor – See depression is simply the opposite of not having depression. Its a label on a somewhat diverse spectrum of human emotions. Use it to write, express, create and fart.

5. If all else fails, failure is inevitable. See, depression is all about failure, and failure to create something out of your life. If there is no fear of failure, then failure is nothing.

Now, you’ll be out of depression someday, or maybe even today. But you’ll always have the memory of depression ( which you can tap into anytime ). You always have it as a friend and something to look back at with smiles and tears.

You are IT. You are a part of IT and by IT I mean the universe. You are capable of hustling and making a better life for yourself by tapping into your animal instinct, as well as be a mature and loving person by being a human being. You don’t have to choose one, to create your identity. You are both and you are everything. The moment you accept that, depression and identities of depressions take a different route.

Now, the biggest failure in this article is that I haven’t given you anything materialistic and worthwhile. Depression is simply caused by stress. If the stress doesn’t stress you out anymore, you win. But think from this perspective, why do you need to overcome depression in order to be happy. If State A is depression and State B is happiness, then why do you require a mechanism? Happiness is in your mind. If you desire it, then do it. If you don’t then you’re in bliss. Something and nothing may come and you may become everything that there is.

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