Panicking when perishing

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Death inside all of us, is the sole reason why we decide to dedicate ourselves against perishing in eternity. We leave, we reside, we beside, we decide in the end to continue onwards to a journey of being great and being greater than anything. We finally pursue the gift of the gab, and we kill time until we realize our own greatness inside of us. We think through all the things that could go wrong and we say,”help” to no one.

That is all that creates panic inside of us. We refuse to ask for help. We refuse to be uniquely different and simply ask people outside of us for help. In fear of getting our ideas stolen, or even demolished with criticism or praise.

Its that panic, which makes us believe in the impossible and makes us go beyond borders and beyond mechanics of this universe, set by the people here. We renew our inner energy and we pursue goals beyond what is considered normal. We live, we die, and we end up enjoying the journey through, until we enjoy it again through the eyes of someone or something different. Hence, the idea that we need to do things differently and we need to do people game, separately is a clich̩ and a unique one Рnone the less.

Hence, if everyone and everything is one thing, under the guise of separate things, then the idea that fear exists in this universe is pointless. Its the enjoyment of things that are simply an extension of who you are and what you believe in.

That brings the end of fear and all the things that bring with it. We become more one with everyone and everything and we decide to take things into our own hands. No often times, you will be afraid of things in the universe. Everyone is. But it is our decision to go with fear and do things anyway. See a world completely devoid of fear is a pointless one, and so is a world without anger or fun. But it is our prerogative to continue onwards taking fear with us. A philosophy of “Fear…and” applies here, where you have fear and you still continue onwards with it.

photo credit: Meyer Felix via photopin cc



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