Participating in life

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Participating in life is difficult. There are many rules to follow, and you have to play many games that people come up with. You can’t be too different from everyone, and you can’t be too same as everyone else. Sometimes, you don’t see any point in participating in life, and sometimes you see the practical reasons quite vividly. What is the reason for this back-n-forth?

It is because we have a desire to control and to experiment. We want to experiment around what works and what doesn’t in this life, in order to gain a better idea of what we should be doing with ourselves. Why do that? Why control the rapids and the waterfalls instead of being atop them, and painting them or studying them?

Controlling this life is imperative, I don’t doubt that. But only controlling this life and not letting-go, is dangerous. You need to see the ying and the yang, and only then you come out of whatever hang-up you’ve gotten yourself into. See a bacteria can’t become enlightened, because it has lower intelligence. Therefore, figuring out this life to become a better individual is a pointless endeavor. It’s not the point of existence. Your curiosity about life is balanced by a lack of intelligence to understand it. Ying & Yang.

How did you know about the stars and the moon? Only after you found a telescope. Therefore, for the first million years of your life you didn’t need to know anything. All you needed to know were the birds and the bees. Now we’re closer and closer to figuring out everything about everything. We will finally know the purpose of life, and God’s motivation to create a universe. Its similar to a process of looking at poop, and figuring out why the poop happened and what animal pooped it out. The only problem is, interpretation.

Who interprets the data – it is an observer with lower intelligence than the creator. The observer of this information sees all and makes claims backed by data. But claims change ever so often, when we acquire new data and new information. What then happens? Our ideas about the universe change every second. We can’t track all parameters at this point, but soon we will be able to track infinite data points. At that stage we know everything about God’s creation. Therefore, we can become God and create new universes based on what we learned. In a way, we already do that when we study microbes in the form of a culture. We created that environment for these microscopic things so that we could study their movements. We are their Gods.

But we still don’t know the WHY. The why behind everything. Why did we create this universe and why we pursue this quest of knowing about it in the first place. Why? Imagine if we do figure it out – then what? We can either die or continue living. But we will never know the motivation of God’s God. This logical reasoning continues onwards forever. God’s God’s God’s God’s God. Who created the creator? See the flaw here? Therefore, learning, thoughts, perceptions, etc. are all incorrect and correct at the same time from different angles. We can’t ever understand everything abuot the universe and about God if we are sitting here on this rock that moves at 200,000 miles an hour, through empty space and time.

Does God even want us to figure out why we’re here? And if we do figure out the reason, then the reason would have to be explained to walls and tables. Because even they would be curious about why they are here. Now try explaining that to a table.



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