S,D&L: The perfect supposition

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I suppose the erect dince is the result of the crimea created by the Russian army. They always did create such a big mess when they ravaged through the aposltles.,” said Mary.

Dr. Theus replied, “Mary, you need to stop meeting doctors and poeticians along the way to London. Its becoming a bad habit, and its making alice sad to see you this gay.”

-Mary looked around, found nothing, and proceeded to kill Dr. Theus in a fit of strange –

The blood left her dagger like a lioness swooning for her prey.

The ivory sheen of her luxury diamond set pursed perfectly on her lips, while she molted her way through orgasm while murdering her beloved doctor companion.

“Oh Doctor Theuss. You were always a silly rabbit, werent you. ”

Theus couldn’t move his lips, sealed by agony and hot wax.

You see, Mary didn’t just murder her victims, she made sure she died along the process as well. Until at the end, there is nothing left of her, and there is no lust for murder ever more.

– She always asked a question to their victims, though. One last question to determine their weakness, and their beligerence to survive.

She asked,” What does it take a man, to kill another snake?”

Will the ivory mesh supporting her thong ever be removed from her embrace? Will the golden tusks of the great Maharishi ever finally grace her presence with hate? Will there ever be a river so riverry where he could bath his sins for being this considerate? Will

“The will is the might, and the will is the fight. The fight for the right.”, Said Peter Joseph.

“You know, you kind of remind of Ayn Rand Joe, Mary said as she wiped the skin off her blood

“How so, my love?”, said Joseph

“It turns out that the love that turns ashes to men, is the same that creates bastards and hens.”

“What? Is this truly the end of civilization Mary? The end of good-will? The know all of end all?”

“Tsk. Tsk. Oh Joe, so much to learn, so little to follow”, said Mary as she daggered her thrust deeper into the man’s good sould. Sold for a penny and a knickle.

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