Philosophy: When will we all stop acting?

q. (small q) Philosophy: When will we all stop acting?

A. (capital A) Action is inherently quite an attractive thing. It binds us to the mundane, and it keeps us pre occupied with all our fears and problems. Once our action fades away, it is incredibly difficult to focus on other things because this world doesn’t offer anything beyond that which it already has. And so people climb mountains, jump off buildings, hunt tornados and the like.

When Alexander the great came across a pauper sitting on a rock, he asked “What are you doing? ” to which the pauper said “Enjoying nothingness. What about you? “. “Im conquering your country and soon ill rule over the entire world”, said Alexander. Both of them had a great laugh at each other’s actions.



photo credit: – Annetta – via photopin cc



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