I usually record a few talks every week to go deeper and deeper into the mind and uncover the rules of the game – both hidden and subconscious. It’s available on ITunes, Stitcher (Android) and on SoundCloud. Click below, or search for ‘Sanchit Khera’ on these channels –







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For a few of my recordings, apart from the main spirituality podcast, please click below –

I podcast for one reason and one reason only – Nothing. I like it, I have fun and I enjoy it very much. I enjoy it to the extent that enjoyment becomes me and I forget about things like enjoyment and mental cognition. The words flow, unfiltered and unfettered.

Perfection –

Is perfection truly desirable? Do we want to become perfect or are we perfectly happy celebrating the perfectly imperfect? And some other non-sense that I talk about. Do you really think you wanna miss this?



Ignoring the Idiot –

Why would you ever wanna do that? This one’s 20 minutes. It’s really long. That’s what she said. In this event, I declare the meaning of being moronic and the utter moronity behind the meaningless. Enjoy.



Between two Minds –

I’m not sure what I have to say about this. Except, it is in the exception of the rule that exists the divine principles of duality – Complete non-sense for those that see it with empty minds and closed fists. Check it out. I think. Therefore, I am.