The position of the sacred

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Yes, it does seem rather ridiculous that the position of the sacred seems to me, that it melts inside a deep valley of combined genius and absolute pain and pleasure. Its a way of life for some, and for others its a way to see the world in the eyes of the beholder. Why do we, rather pleasurably, see the way of the world as if its only a time capsule where memories are captured and fights begin. Why do we live in a placebo that’s constantly affecting our way of life, and the way we think?

Is it a fallacy? or is it a way of being one with the universe? Now what the hell does that even mean – one with the universe? That sounds like a bunch of baloney that’s been cooking in the griller for too long. I had a notion once, that everyday we would give up our worlds for something big, something that excites one another to an extent that would affect even the brightest of students in the world. I had a notion that one day we would work it out, and the next we would shoot the ones that gave birth to us in the first place. The creators. And the creators that made the universe would one day explain to us,  the nitty gritty of our society and why we are who we are to begin with. We did things that made us what we think, and we planned plans about how we would reach the heavens. Alas, when they fail, and who is there to blame? Noone.

Then what is the use of having a sacred that isnt true? Or a sacred that does nothing but lie, cheat, and steal. Nothing. The truth will inevitably follow you, because that’s how the universe is built. You just gotta turn around from time to time.


Photo Credit: Spyros Papaspyropoulos via Compfight cc



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