A practical guide to loving everyone

Dream Feed Love

Love is a river that flows into people and sometimes slows down when there’s an emotional block. Emotions, issues, and other times people need a spark of love to kickstart their own love from within. Who are we? Where are we going? Here’s a guide to find love in your life. Its a lot more natural and automatic thank you think.

  1. The things we dont enjoy to do, or dislike to engage with in life – think them through. Do you really dislike cooking or working, or do you not like certain aspects of them? Find them and talk about it to yourself.
  2. Be honest. Often times we lie to protect ourselves, but we don’t remember when to switch it off as we feel like we’re being attacked or judged by people. Start being completely honest with people, especially your loved ones, and be more vulnerable to their acceptance or judgement. This lets love in.
  3. Connect deeper with the person. When having conversations, we either focus on laughs or stories. Which are not bad things, but we rarely actually look into the person’s eyes and listen to them without thinking of the next thing to say. We rarely just enjoy the words coming out of them and enjoy their words for what they are. Listen to someone without the need to control conversations, or play a role in their lives.
  4. Fulfilment – If we’re used to saying certain phrases in situations and only do acts that are socially acceptably, or with a formality,  and we feel a sense of lacking inside us – then we need to change how we talk to people. We need to connect and not just converse. We need to become happier through each other’s happiness. Talk to our local grocer, and engage with your long lost friend. Really enjoy the conversation instead of focusing on finishing it.
  5. Don’t force yourself. This happens a lot to spiritual people who feel the need to love but fail to get the reciprocation. These people are empaths that feel others’ pains and  feel other’s emotions as their own. The gift of empathy is great, but the expectations of returns is a killer. You need to be relaxed around people and trust in the process of love to flow. It freezes up, if the person sees expectations.
  6. Gift things. When was the last time you donated to a poor worked, surprised your parents, or focused on sharing a hand made gift for someone?
  7. Love today. Don’t think about loving tomorrow, or the moment you fail and refresh. Focus on love now. Now in happiness and peace
  8. Do onto others. Do things for other people, that you’d like for yourself. Smile and become happier with others around you.

If you’ve failed time n time again to love yourself and other people, its a mental block in your mind that you need to think about, meditate over, or talk to others about. Its usually around judgement and a fear of rejection, which needs to be addressed in order to love yourself more and more. Do you fear that you will not be successful? Do you fear that nobody cares about you? Do you want to be more happier with people around you? Do you dislike fake people and sometimes feel you;re being fake too? Its love that we need



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