The problem of politics – and why solving it is good

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I wouldn’t be caught dead being a politician – too much work. Politicians know the country inside-and-out for reasons good and bad, and hence if a common person decided to run the country without any experience or prior knowledge of running a country from an economical growth perspective, and from the eyes of the poor – you have imbalance. You have experiments that cost a country.

So how does one solve the issue of politics. Its simple really – corruption and power refute community.

When a leader of a group connects with the group again, and gets direct appreciation from his community, he feels happier about doing good work. Similar to an NGO activist that loves her job regardless of how many abuses she endures. She does it for the 2% of people that appreciate her. Just the tag of being a change-agent becomes their identity and they love it. Non-profit work and politicians are a lot alike in many cases. They just lead different paths.

And so a larger lesson here, is the value of appreciation and how important it is in transforming societies into happier people that make rational decisions. A lack of social empathy and human connection creates all sorts of interesting outshoots like murder, extortion, corruption, and rape. One lie leads to another, and soon a whole nation is ruled by scheming mafia-like rulers that want to only serve themselves. But why did that happen in the first place? How did we become this corrupt and irrational?

What about solving this problem then? Because politicians wont change overnight unless society uses violence. Or is it non-violence? We would never really know the true impact of Gandhi or Bhagat Singh in abolishing British Raj. Maybe it was a mix of the two?

So what can someone at a position of no power do? I.e. you and I. – Nothing.

We can do nothing, as we wait until our rulers capture everything we love and cherish and enforce ridiculous regulations that forge on borderline religion. What can help is anger.

And anger for change. Non-violent anger. Anger for standing up for your rights, even if your spirit is destroyed. You would safely imploy anger as much as possible without putting yourself and others in any form of danger. Accepting the problem as passe’ is the real danger. However, anger can make people think. Anger can create¬†empathy. Anger can spark a new thought in the hearts of our masters. Anger in non-voilent and a non-threatening form.

A true mix of Gandhi and Bhagat Singh

photo credit: ‘GHAZALEH GHAZANFARI’ via photopin cc



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