Prove: 1=nothing = everything given that something, please answer it is very important, life and death case?

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A: Sure.
1 = something.
The lack of something = nothing.
However, nothing is a thing, as it is a label to an experience.
Hence nothing = a thing or something
Hence nothing = something
And nothing = 1 ( if 1 = something)
Everything is just a label.
If something, is a label that can be applied to everything in the world. (I.e. that some thing is a zebra, or that something is a Jew).
Ergo, something = everything
Thus NOthing = SOMEthing = EVERYthing from a label stand point.
Demolish the labels, and now you have everything you wanted. Love, life and freedumb.


photo credit: DSC_2375 via photopin (license)



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