Psychology: What are the ways to get out from this vicious circle of restless, laziness and scariness?

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Q. Hi, I am 26 male and seeking some advice here. I used to be at peak of my health and used to be full of passion with calm mental state when i joined college about 8 yrs ago. Then, i went into smoking and boozing habits which I couldn’t let off even today. I had ambitions of contributing to the lives of my near ones(purpose of my life) and it all seemed possible that time. But slowly, my mental as well as physical health started deteriorating, passions and all energy seemed to be gone, confidence shattered to pieces. For long time, I used to think that I am in control of my life and I can change this anytime I want and it went on going worse and worse. I somehow, got a good job in a good company but the situation is same. I think I am living a selfish and coward life, where I am meeting my expenses only and performing worst in my job, hoping that they don’t fire me someday. I want to start from changing small things, but every time i get this feeling of restlessness and is not able to perform a single small task with full concentration and often switch things (like working on office task , then suddenly start movie). I regret deeply what I could have learned and where could have been now if i would have been sincere. I would have been closed to my aim of helping my near ones. And when I see the gap i need to fill, to nullify the time I have wasted, I become more restless and hopeless. Day by day, I am getting more into boozing and smoking and more closer to get fired. I don’t have any self confidence or self-esteem left and scared what will happen if I loose my job and face the circumstances.

A. After a while you’ll start to notice a pattern emerging. When you see that pattern or sense it, realise that this is only a game that your stimulation deprived brain is playing on your environment. So relax, eat good food, dont drink and enjoy the game. Choosing to get work done has no impact on your own life -cuz you’ll leave this planet with nothing. Choosing to work does ease the lives of others as we only work when we serve others – regardless of how selfish our motivations are. So wake up! Cuz we need you, I need you, you need you.


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