The puppet master’s retreat

Dream Feed

What happens when he that gives us light, also gives darkness. In the world with never ending triumph and never deceased trials, how exactly does the mind give the body the right directions. Can you move out of the way and trust your instincts? Can the heart take over the mind and show it the right way forward. Yes, or no. It doesn’t matter, as there is a sense of bhool-bhullaiyaa (forgettery) built in. Yes, you heard it here with your eyes and ears, and imagined me in your voice while going through it. But where is the prospect of intuition enabling us to survive in the cold marsh winters of the dead island that we inherit. Where is the love, some might sing, and others watch playfully, dancing around in circles while the pied piper watches with a toothless grin and rim-nosed beer needles.

Where indeed is the sense of wonder, replaced by angst and beer soaked nylon steam shoes. Running, almost barefeet in a coffin laid with broken glass representing light and darkness, bouncing from the nearby church.

Where is the sense of danger then in this realization? Where is reality, as a part of destruction? Is there a bigger message behind all this, and if so why does the master hurt the subservient. Why does a church belittle the helpless and bejewel a stone with no soulĀ .

Is this the end of time, or the beginning of you and mine. A world where serpents lie, benign, moving ever so slowly to the tune of theĀ divine – when will our replicas be taken away from time, for the ones that left us alone and the ones we left behind.



photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc



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