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Q. Hello,

I have been feeling a bit strange. I find myself yearning for the normalcy of myself prior to this revelation. As I consider this realization more and more, I become overwhelmed with emotion. I fear my creation/creativity. I am experiencing more and more synchronous events.

For example, I was thinking of my business today, and a condo for my daughter. …I checked the mail later in the day and I received an invite to view a condo 1 block away from my business. ‘Tis more than mere coincidence.

How do I learn to trust myself? More specifically, to trust my power to create the world I see around me, and that I won’t hurt myself in the process. (Disappointment, failure, etc.)


Normalcy is defined by what’s usually occurred, but if you see all around you – everything is changing constantly and randomly. Therefore, nothing truly is normal, but only appears normal over a period of time. Like a bird that flies south for winter.

What emotion are you feeling and being overwhelmed with?

Fearing your own creation is like a mother fearing her child. Let love breathe. 🙂

Fear is natural after realizing any new piece of information. You shouldn’t fear fear. Fear is something that can become creativity. Example – a movie based on fears, or art based on fear. Businesses can run on fear. Fear is prevalent almost everywhere in the world, from the animal kingdom to the human kingdom. Don’ be afraid of the realization, just use it to do good for the world. Be someone and something that you enjoy being. That is all that there is to this universe. You can pick your own adventure, but more likely than none – you can’t pick how it ends. That is the beauty of life.
So relish it while it lasts in this consciousness.

Trusting yourself is simpler than apple pie. You simply let the oven do its work. Sometimes the oven heats up too much, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. But you’ll almost always enjoy the process of making the pie.

See, your brain is out there to protect you. Therefore, if you STICK to the idea that you need to trust yourself more, your brain would automatically become fearful about it and say – “hold on there pal”. Getting unstuck from this idea is step – 1.

What kind of a universe would it be, if everyone had the power to create the universe around themselves? You would have donkeys fighting with tigers, trying to rule the world. See, any rule that applies to humans, must apply to all sentient beings (atoms). Ergo, if you CAN create the universe around you, it is only to a certain extent – which you should be immensely happy about. Because no one wants unlimited power to create anything.

Now, don’t fear hurting people, because you can hurt someone by doing nothing at all. See, if a person had a bad day, and you happened to say “What’s wrong?” – he might feel hurt. Now if you had said nothing at all, he might have felt hurt again. Humans get hurt from a lot of things beyond our control. Don’t fear hurting people.

Trusting yourself is like a river that flows. Sometimes you find plastic waste in the river, but the river is STILL a river.

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photo credit: “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” – Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets (Explore # 77) via photopin (license)



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