Is it rational to live life?

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If one lives, he may be happy, sad or usually both. If he is happy, he won’t lose anything by stopping living, because he won’t be able to experience the feeling of lost. If he is unhappy he won’t suffer anymore. If there is no transcendent need to live, why bother?


Yes, but what is the purpose of everyone not living? Will it solve anything?  Monkeys will become reborn and then into humans. Then the cycle of collective suicide continues. Then, there will be scientists,  philosophers and magicians that will want to figure out why mass civilizations stopped living. Which will then give them a reason to keep living.  And now we’re here, back to square one. Maybe that’s how we all started in the first place. Maybe we’re just a giant experiment to figure out whether we choose suicide or life. Eitherway, death or life, it doesn’t matter. There is no point to keep living, however strong it may seem to us. And there is no point to dying, however many times we think it through in our mind.


photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE via photopin cc




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