Reaching the Top of the mountain

Dream Feed

What next? – Nothing. You’ll find a new mountain or you’ll help others reach where you are. Similar to what Bill Gates is doing with the Gates Foundation.

But you’ll feel the end. You’ll feel like nothing. You’ll lose motivation. You’ll change to setting soft-goals that aren’t set in stone. And after you achieve them, nothing. You’ll celebrate for a few days or even a month. But after that you’re done. You start all over again. This is life then for you. That’s why people look for excitement or that next big high. They want to feel and be different from what they are doing.

But imagine if you have no expectations and no doubts and fears. Imagine what life could become if you decided to become happier today and now. You say,”fuck how everyone thinks and behaves. I am going to be happy today and use comedy to make light of people that may offend or betray.”

Life is too short or too long to be stuck in things forever. You are free as you are the universe as a whole.


photo credit: Brandon HM Oh via photopin cc



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