Dream Feed Fear

When you start hating what you’ve become, or even start to see the problems in everyday life – you are looking for a change. Instead, look for a realignment. Are you in the career that you wanted? Are you in the mind-frame that you wanted? Now when you ask yourself to realign, you end up solving your problem, or creating new ones. If new ones arise – answer them. If you don’t want to answer them, then enjoy the passivity of life as well. See, either states can be enjoyable – rest of activity, passivity or play, love or hate. You can be at peace with everything. The idea that you are IT is tremendously powerful. You become everything and everyone at the same time – not from a spooky cosmic sense, but more from a nature-wise and cosmic-love sense. You become atoms that becomes you. You go inwards and then outwards. You become this entity that goes in flux with everything. You have fear and you hear fear for what it says and suddenly you realize that fear only comes to protect you. Not the other way around.

Realignment is good. But too much of it is also good. It shows extremes. See, extremes show us a lot. A lot of things that we see with our eyes and ears are misinterpreted when we don’t know the entire picture. You can quit your job, your life, or your partner in a flash of lightening, but the thunder still remains. What if?

What if the next life is a bad one, what if the next career is dangerous, what if you succeed and I fail? What then?

You need to ask yourself this question. Why do I do the things I do?

Ultimately, you’ll realize that you can’t satisfactorily answer this question, and then you realize that if you don’t know why you do things, then how do you figure out whether an activity is right or wrong. Just by feeling? Yuck, feelings are fleeting. They are nothing, but a symptom of how you feel. An expression that is not expressed through words. Because words become weak.

Now, express yourself, and now suddenly you’ll see everything very clearly. You see what is and what isn’t and you’ll see that the need to realign isn’t all that impressive in the first place. You can change your outlook to life, you can change your opinion on living, you can change everything you want – but you’ll never know whether you’re finally THERE, because you’ll never know WHERE to go.

If happiness is your guiding light, then stress should be your number one fuel. Why do people feel passionate in life? Because there is an enemy. Since, we see an enemy (laziness, or boredom, ) we become passionate (hard working, adventurous). We see the alternative to being passionate and we fear its consequences.

Don’t cling to fear if fear doesn’t cling to you. Don’t realign, if realignment doesn’t sting/sing to you.

That is all.


photo credit: Heron Tower via photopin (license)



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