Revisiting Life

Dream Feed

What happens when we completely lose ourselves into our pitiness. Our small fights and small arguments that can be amplified like a frog jumping onto a fishing tree. There isn’t a way out and you’re completely trapped. You’re trapped because you accept trappedness. You accept it. You comply with the rules of life and you say “thats it”. No more. No more being a part of this-thing that is the constant-fuckery of life. Back and forth. Life and death. Work and sleep. School and breathe. There isn’t a way out of this by going deeper and deeper into this.

We assume that we find ourselves into the fire by being the net. Our net will simply burn. Be with it. Be one with it, and be alive with it. By being alive in it, can we finally find it. The It. The it, that none of your thoughts are of any worth in a world thats not of any worth in the first place. You believe that you are beckoned to be bigger and better, but you find yourself being nothingness. Be that. Be nothingness. Because nothingness is where you find everything. Everything that you’ve ever wanted. Every happiness that you’ve ever seeked. It is there. It is in the nothingness. In the nothing, in the blank you will find happiness. But the opposite of that is somethingness. Now can we find nothingness in the somethingness and be unique? Be uniquely fine in bliss. No happiness and no sadness, just bliss.

What will you do with this bliss now? What major accomplishment do you aim to achieve with bliss? Do you plan on teaching others to be blissful? But others only want to be blissful when they want to be. So now, regardless of what you do, people will do whatever they feel like it. Now do you then accomplish anything? Does an accountant accomplish anything? he simply clicks and tags things, and now they’re ready. But does he really accomplish anything?

Now you wish me, and now Im gone. The I that exists in your mind. The I, that creates you, and the I that destroys you. Its the same I, that makes the I that is used to describe others. The same I that is used to differentiate between you (the self) and them (the other). Now why?

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