A risky proposition

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Why are spending more time on this side, when we should be spending time on that side. This question isn’t answered by the meek, and is cancered by the strong willed. The ones that shape nations and blast patients with little patience or disregard for mankind’s greatest enemy – the cellular towers. What is this madness that has ensued upon us, written in holy bibles and wretched summons. Why is it that our religion offers greater protection than most others, and once we live upon these paths, these paths are set in-throned.

Who is the deal master that ideally deals the dirty deeds that define and defy the retched and the wretched from the defiance of who we are. Where is the kinship in the matter of the always dissolving particles that create human rights and human plight. Where is the love, the car, the jewels, the mars pit, the easy drive-proofs and the dirty deeds. Is this humanity and its greatest gift to jesus-kind, or simply a marmalade scraped over burned toast and cookie dough sprinkled in ashes over the county sea. I ask you this, what sense is there in a world where no bounds are fenced, and no ships uncaptained, when risk becomes a perversive word that we use to describe the risk free. Saying risky can’t be done without saying easy-peasy. And hence, the two co-exist in unison, daughter and son, who’s father is among us, hiding from them playing around until they realise that the journey started with and without them.

Its a koan, when I ask you the meaning of life, and whether it is easy to killing kites by pushing stairways out of the way of your truest dreams. Is it karma, or is it the ultimate reality that shines among all of us. Hidden in plain sight, but because of a lack of confidence, hidden in slain right. Killing people over ideological wars, that began a million years before wars existed in the real sense.

I ask of you, what is risky?


photo credit: MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) via photopin cc



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