How language rules the(your) world

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Basis of Thoughts

What is the role of language? See how we only ask certain questions, because our thoughts are ruled by the language we speak? We say,” Why are we here?”, where-in if you ask the same question in Hindi, “Hum yaha pe kyu aaye hai?”, it means something totally different. A Chinese would ask “How did I grow?”, a Japanese may say something else.

Thoughts for convincing others

See all thoughts in the mid, revolve around convincing others of something. We start to think in the morning,”Well I¬†should take a timely shower, otherwise I’ll be late to work.”, or “I’ll take a few more winks of sleep in the morning, because I’m tired.” You’re justifying your actions to yourself, so that you can use it to justify to people over and over again. Until you see the possible ventures that exist outside of the confines of your own language. In case you didn’t need to justify or convince or use your brain for social preservation of the self, or the ego, there wouldn’t be any need for thoughts. If we were hungry we would eat, instead of deciding what to eat and thinking 20 times about what’s considered healthy, or what’s considered good. We think to ourselves, “Should I order pasta, or order salad?” We think and think and think, until our inner nature starts to question itself.

Language draws boundaries

We draw boundaries of our creativity and we lose confidence in our own thoughts. We start to become weak in the mind, and say HEY, I NEED HELP. Then the mind starts to justify its own thoughts. Oh, I didn’t give money to that beggar because I didn’t have any, and not because I’m a bad person. We defend this idea of ourself over and over again.

The mind wanders and wanders into different directions because you send it that way. You stop your experience, by limiting it or defining it as what you would like it to be. The moment something blocks it, you run away from it. If you assume that its a lovely day outside, your mind will have a blank expression on its face until something bad happens.

Labelling and Language

Its these experiences in life, that are driven by language and labeling. You look at a caterpillar and say “caterpillar” and look away. Instead of that, what if you didn’t frame it as something that’s a part of the background, and instead just say that its a part of the foreground and pay attention to it. You’ll be surprised as to how happy you’ll become. Matthew Richard meditates; you can be in the present moment and be happy.

Sentence Structures & Interaction

You live by the words of others. “Hello”, “Hello”. “How are you doing?”, “Good”. That becomes your life. You become words and words become your identity. Such a sad existence. Instead say “Good having to see you again.” or “Your smile is breath-taking.”

When a teacher approaches you with 2+2, ask him/her why was this letter and sound was attached to this numerical. Everything that we see, hear, think, act, behave has a word attached to it. Why? – Because we want to analyze it to death. We want to analyze it until we see no more practical benefit to it. We got bored of bombs so we invented nuclear energy, we got bored of death so we invented after-life. We invent things that don’t exist and create concepts around language- inside our minds. Why do we do this daily? – I don’t know. And in this I don’t know, my mind is silenced.

Accepting that there is unknown

I have now accepted that I don’t know everything, and in this I don’t have to constantly defend my position to others and myself. I have to keep on justifying the world to fit me, if a parent tells himself that he is the best role-model for his kid, or that he knows everything about parenting that’s there to be known.

I can now think about nothing and simply absorb everything I see in the universe. I can sense, react, and perceive everything without a filter of language, perceptions, memory, or sound. I can become truly one with everything that I sense. Hocus-pocus aside, this is a pretty awesome thing to experience.

Thinking outside the box, when the box is defined by language

Language is a trap, in that it bounds creativity as well. We want to categorize everything and box everything up. We then want to think outside-the-box, but then we draw lines outside this box again. Therefore, language rules your life in that regard as well. How freeing it must be to be an animal, with no thoughts about past or future, and simply being in the present moment. No language except for the one that they were born with, or in the case of dolphins – using that language to play around with each other instead of choosing to be unseen.

Language sees everything for what it is. But it fails to think ourselves out of thought-traps. You can be in one forever, or for a few days. You say “The end of this thought trap is silence. If my mind is happy with the justification then it will become silent.” Why wait for language to answer your inquiry, why not just be silent. You already know everything that there is to know, in order to survive. What more do you want?
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