Roulette of emotions

Where do we become ourselves? We keep going inside ourselves to find the real us. To find a better version. To go round and round. To keep finding a straight line in a round universe. We keep going roung. Round and Wrong. We see corners and go around them, not realizing that we just end up in the same corner after the fifth turn.

We want to run. Run and run, away from everything that reminds us of things that we don’t want to see. We run and we deform our thinking. We literally become different persons in our thoughts. In our minds.

We become a different version; a version that redefines ourselves. We become it. When we become itself, we remain ourselves. We see it together and we see it tonight, but where do we see it when we see just darkness. See that’s the thing. It is never JUST darkness. It is other things as well that we dont see anywhere and anysee. We see it through and then we fail.

What an irony. Let’s not do this. Let’s do something different. Or let’s not. Doesn’t matter 🙂

Living life as an observer is the number one thing that has made us calmer and angrier. Monkeys can’t see anything apart from monkey things, and the same problem exists in humans. If you assume that life is only negative, then that should be true for all experiences for all beings. When that is not true, then you are not true.

Round and round until the gun fires, the roulettr being better, is the one that tires.

photo credit: The ascending via photopin (license)



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