Ruler of the Land

Dream Feed God

Who is the thing and the thought that rules everyone and everything in itself. Who is it that rules the land forever and ever? There must be something, no? Otherwise there’s nothing! Nothing to think, nothing to do, and nothing to believe. There will be a no-future, a no-hierarchy, a no-home, and a no-hope. There will be nothing to do, and nothing left to be in. There will be a pool of her-archy where we will all drink in merriment. However, where will we be today? Where will we be tomorrow? We are and we always will be endlessley nowhere and today.

Trust me. There isn’t anything else left, apart from this experience. There shouldn’t be anything else to do, and nothing else left to forsee. You are trapped in rules and regulations bound by physics. When you reach elsewhere (heaven or otherwise), you’ll also be bound by physics of the other kind. Hence what justification can a universe give you when its own purpose is purposeless?

photo credit: JesusStepsClouds via photopin (license)



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