Is there sadness after Enlightenment?

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What makes someone sad about somethings in life? What is it that pretends to have doubts casted over their shoulders. The original idea of enlightenment is the fact that now that you see all, and have experienced all, there are no more questions and hence no more sadness left. But you see, how do you avoid the topic of sadness if you are enlightened? How do you answer a question out of experience, when you have forgotten your own mind?

How do you believe something that respects you, when sadness has become you, even after the teachings of that very thing that was supposed to liberate you in the first place. No, nirvana can not be about alleviation of suffering, or about the letting go of everything (Samsara). Nirvana has got to be about being nothing in everything, or about the very constituents of mankind and matter kind. The very essence of why we do like stumbling fools, and why we air like humpty bears.

Sadness must exist in the universe like happiness, to contrast it and to derive knowledge from it. But is life about happiness and sadness, and nothing else? No. Life is about bliss, being perfectly one with something that is up and something that is down. You get stuck to the feeling and the desire of “attaining” nirvaana that you miss the boat completely. You play a game with yourself, and you don’t see that Nirvana is a game too.

You see, Nirvana is a structure who’s properties are well known. (not being ┬ásad, being peaceful, being happy, being one with everything, etc). But we can easliy choose to be all thse things, and we choose not to be. Our brain doesnt allow us to be stuck to these concepts. Is it because we want to survive? And we cling to survival of the body and the mind? or is it something else? Is it a deficiency in something (nutrition, exercise, love).

What is it?

The more you look,, the less you see.

You spend years in looking thru sadness and you find nothing. Hence, in this sadness you derive information that is inconsistent with your theory of the universe and hence you stop what youre doing and feel absolutely lost in this world. But you see, any theory is correct and every theory is incorrect.

Nirvana as a theory is correct. And as a theory is completely incorrect.

Hence, neither should bother you very much.

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