How is self-improvement a very rewarding practice?

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Self improvement has no boundaries and is subjective. Can a fly improve itself to become a human? You see, if we all evolved from single celled organisms, then a fly is just as perfect as a human being. A fly only reaches the point of being a fly, by realizing its environment’s systems. Hence a fly can improve itself to become a human, but what will the fly do then? It will only live longer and be happier (probably), but then what? – Nothing

An effort to do nothing will occur here.

Hence everything is as perfect as it should be, being in its own place at its own time. Any advancements made in any direction are simply a matter of reaction to external and internal stimuli. The conscious attempt to self-improve is mind boggling and time-consuming. So much so, that it creates in itself a time-lapse that makes you question why you started off in this journey in the first place. We forget our own adventure of self improvement and we forget where we started from. We realize that we are only human, and we try again to improve ourselves.

But underlying everything is the question- how can an imperfect human decide that his final perfection is indeed perfect?

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