Dream Feed

By being yourself, you find it. You find the freedom to experiment, you find the ideas that connect a million. You find that solution to your problems. By not being yourself, you find nothing. You dinf nothing in the something and then you lose yourslef. You lose it. You lose your mind’s eye. You don’t see clearly and then you suiffer. But you come out of that sufferance and you find yourself again. Why?

We play different games. Some games we play to win, others we play to see if winning feels as good as it foes for other others. We play we win we lose we fight. but deeper still. We dont sdo anything particularly. Maybe all of this is a way of evolution. Just a simple process of rooting out the unfortunate, and making them suffer and die. But why?

We see this now. We see a game, in which, checking out is extremely painful. Until someone creates semblance. Semblance in the idea that this life is quite good. Its decent enough.

photo credit: jfranarias via photopin cc



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