Sexual limitations


Hi there, hows it going? I hope youre doing well. I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for giving me the best slove of my entire life. I haven’t felt love in a long long time. I’ve had to express myself today after years, and Im all about Time Caine. I came I saw I conquered I loved it. I loved it. I am impractical in my phone.

Now what is sex. Its an activity. It can be done with anyone. But because of our own insecurities and our voyage towards familial tendencies, we aim for monopolies in partners. I HAVE THE BEST ONE! The rest aren’t compatible – is ludacris. Run away girl.

Now when you actually think about it its just a pleasurable activity that can be done with anybody so why stick to one child, one mother, one father, one brother, one sister, one another, one drugger, one mugger, one bitch and one stitch? We’re all one. Our limitations in terms of sexuality and lines and drines and paints are dry as a paint. We’re watching it go by and peeling off the remnants. We’re not happy.

Although, we’re extremely happy knowing that we can have sex with anyone but we choose to only with one. Why is that? Because its arbitrary. It doesn’t matter. One less thing in the universe isn’t the end of it. We’re all syncing and beating while we’re all bathing and breathing. We’re fighting a war among woourselves, and we’re pictioning each other off as thought we are slaves. We will slay anything that walks among us like drugs among us. Sniffing and stifling every thought we have as if its ewww.

Sex is the new you. You are sexy and you are sex. Just like you are you. and sens is sex.

Aint nothing write and wrong with another man can’t alipoe with another. Edgar alan pore died poor but a great poe inded. Limitations and imind, gorrilal state of mind.

Now workds are made up to find points of uninion. Alipoe – align with poe. Alan Pore – Poe died poor. Let me play now. Much love!





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