Shedding fears

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What if you could shed all your fears? What if you could be untouchable and remarkable? What if you were THE ONE?

Then what?

Then nothing. You’d be the happiest person in the world, and there would be no sadness in your heart, unless ofcourse if there is some chemical imbalance in your system. There wouldn’t be any mistakes, no worries, no hunger pangs, no cheating on your spouse, no being separate, no being useless, no being lazy. You are a happy, productive member of society. You did it. Seems too good to be true. Now you’ve essentially cut-off a large portion of the human experience from your consciousness. And now you can help others to be happy and fearless.

You are now the greatest thing that walked on this earth

What next?

-> -> -> Nothing. So what if you’re the happiest thing in the world. What makes any difference if youre happy or not? So what if you change everyone to become happier and change everything to become brighter. You are now the light and the source of all things good in the universe. Now what? – Nothing.

The greatest thing in life, is the ultimate realization that fear and un-fear is inconsequential to your existence. It doesn’t really involve anything beyond your own self. You don’t need to beat fear, because fear is involved and ingrained in everything in the universe. Its an interesting hack, but not a good theory to live by. How will you convince a virus to not be fearful? How would you convince a puppy or a baby to be non-fearful. How will you convince a rock to be alive and fearless.

There isn’t anything that needs to be anything else than what anything else needs to be. Everything is perfect, every thought is perfect, and every action is meant to be because that’s the rules of the game. So hacking is good, but doing anything leaky or sticky isnt.


photo credit: Nicolò Paternoster via photopin cc



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