Why you slip in and out of the present moment, and can’t maintain it

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Your thoughts flow continually. Until, you slip out of the present moment and internalize. You slip out of the present moment, when you present yourself with a question that you can’t solve. It hits you suddenly. Its either about “why can’t i find happiness.”, or “why do I miss my ex-girlfriend.” or “why do I love tacos.” It could be anything. Notice how I didn’t use question marks. These questions are less questions, and more of statements that you label yourself with along with your feelings. If you can’t find happiness, that means that happiness needs to be balanced with sadness (for life to be any fun). If you miss your ex-girlfriend, that means that you love her and love is a universal feeling that can be felt for multiple people. If you want it to rain tacos, it means you’re craving tacos. There are rules to life that you try to find, by figuring out the patterns. You try to think of gravity as a concept and think “wow, so everything follows the law of gravity.” Well nobody told the stones, the birds and the bees to follow gravity – they just do it.

So should we. If a thought arises that suddenly changes our perception of who we think we were, we should embrace it instead of shooing it away. The consequences could be bad, but you learn more about who you are, and your mind silences a lot better. Accept all thoughts and consequences. That is silence-bringing. That and expressing your inner self when questioned about what your inner self believes in.

Sometimes you’ll be faced with weird questions, the answers to which could be shocking. You might even realize you’re gay or that you like women’s clothing, or even the fact that you want to commit suicide deep down. Embrace these thoughts as you would any other. You’ll learn more about humans in general and form better theories about why things behave the way they do. You’ll become more aware. You’ll shoot in multiple directions and feel like you’re going the wrong way, but trust yourself through it. Now when someone asks you a question about how you feel inside, you can say – “its like a rocket ship that blasts off into space, but space doesn’t appreciate the blast-offness of the mind. This is why I’m turmoiled to reply.” You can be honest with yourself and this brings in silencio’. You slip back into the present moment and you start to enjoy it. Until the next thought comes gushing in, and you embrace it as well.

That is all

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