Social Cohesion

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We’re all in this together. We do things with each other, we eat, we work, we play and sometimes we forget who we are for just one second. That is life. Sounds like a story to me. A well crafted story where a human being lives on forever through one body and then another. We remember our grand parents and, in that, they stay alive forever. We pass on knowledge and experience to our little ones, as they get smarter and greater than us every second. A six year old with an IPad can change the world today. But where we really? Where are we? Are we here on this planet, waddling around wasting out time? Or are we floating in air in pure ecstasy and proving our inner selves to be right every second of everyday? Can we just let go? Can we let happiness happen to us instead of grabbing onto every moment that grabs us?

Now, a happier society is one that stays put. Stays within the confines of pleasure and love. But what happens, when society explores the dark side of things? Bored rich people with bad posture and poor health destroying natural resources for a million dollars. What happens then? Are we change them one by one, or release a massive art project to change their preferences? Or are we to let go and watch one part of society (the 1%) destroy our natural habitat? That is the game of life.

What is the solution? Love. Love will be the only solution to end all this. See when we have love, we have cohesion. The body and mind craves love, more so today than yesterday. We desire love in all forms – food, pleasure, video games, art, paintings, relationships and shopping. These are all our ways of loving ourselves, or loving others. But this is it in the end – the chemical endorphin raging inside of us loving everyone and everything. But ofcourse, we are too afraid of expressing that love. We are afraid of rejection and “what will people say” non-sense. Now, everyone thinks like that and it has gotten us nowhere, because we cling to survival. We cling to being a part of the norm, and we never experiment outside of it. But, certain times you find a group of people that are open and loving. Those are the ones that are in true social cohesion. You can even love the chicken that you are about to kill and eat for nutrition, as well as “love your enemy”.

You want to know why? Because its a feeling of “we’re all in this together”. That’s cohesion, that’s love.

Now, the trouble is – these are all good things in theory, but in practise extremely difficult or even impossible. To which, you would say – Yes, but how long are we to keep living like this? What’s the duration of this “extremely difficult or even impossible”? If it becomes possible in a million years, then it can become possible today too. Just the idea of trying it out will be enough to try it out. I promise. See that image above? That’s hope.

photo credit: For a Change via photopin (license)



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