Solving people’s issues is inherently flawed. Lend them a hand instead.

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The idea that someone can bring to you their problems, and you can solve them – is a game. Im not saying that you shouldn’t try to solve someone’s mental issues out. I’m saying that both parties should be able to recognize that its simply a game. See, God created problems and for some of them, he created solutions. Ergo, any problem in your mind, or your friend’s mind shouldn’t cause any stress to either parties, because problems are created and given on to you. You never asked for them.

But of course, we often get stuck in our own thoughts and need someone to help us guide our way out. That’s when someone can offer the “other” perspective in life, and lift our spirits in time of need. Even a child can do that, when he smiles at his parents and then moves-on out of boredom. He explains a fundamental nature of life when he does that, in a matter of seconds. You can’t convince him to have your attention for longer than 3 minutes, and he will get bored of your actions to persuade him someday or another. Hence, he can’t be convinced to be happy – when you want him to be, or be not-sad, when you ask him. You play games with him to distract his mind, and reassure him that his sadness is pointless and that everything is ok. Sometimes that’s when he quiets down, other times he simply needs to have his nappy changed.

Sadness, troubles, problems, stress, issues, all come in various shapes and sizes, but we often fail to recognize that we don’t really need to solve them to be a happy person. We simply have to see the other side of things, the greener grass, or the other-side of┬áthe coin. We can either wait till we “feel like” getting out of our troubles, or when we have solved our issues out. Or we can recognize that eventually, the issues will get settled or will never get settled, and hence it is pointless to ponder over either framework.

Much love to everyone, and happiness to all.



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