Stop, Stop, Go, Stop

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That’s how we feel 90% of the time. We go, go, go, until our mind says “woah stop man”. Thats the point where we either let fear take over us, or let us take over fear and begin living freer. But what’s the point of living freer? – Some people rather live in fear and comfort. And thats OK. That’s perfectly fine.

See the mind plays games out of boredom. It wants to accomplish things in life, and it wants to redeem itself over and over again. It is ok of a game to drop dead now, than to keep going on and on until ad-inifitum. But when we get stuck until the end of the game, we don’t appreciate the game as a journey. But even the idea of “appreciating a game or appreciating life” is a concept that is given to you, and not a product of your idea. You see in nature, you think in English, and you care for your parents. See thats it. Any thought you’ll ever have, any fear you’ll ever have is based on other people. That’s it.

When you hang out with risk-takers and free-thinkers you feel alive and more your-self.

But its also perfectly fine to be in the mess of things and become things around you, but still realize that its all a funny game that people are playing. Stop, stop, go. Fear, fear, proceed. But what about Stop+Go.

What if we could understand your fear and then go ahead with. Go with it. 

Go along with your fear, and use it as a thing to listen to. Like a walkie-talkie. You listen to it and say “over and out”, but then you always carry it along with you.

photo credit: RW Sinclair via photopin cc



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