What is Strategic Stupidity?

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Politicians do it all the time. They play coy. Idiots in Hindi films pretend to know nothing and make people laugh. That is it. – Laughter. When people laugh at you/with you, you become less responsible for a certain action and can be relieved of your duty of doing act X or Y. The villain’s dumb side-kick rarely knows left from right and laughs along at his own self. But the thing is – the dumbo fumbo is in command of the whole situation. You’ll find this in the workplace as well. Sometimes the dumbo fumbo comes out with great ideas and slips by the corporate politics.

Now this is a strategy. A strategy to become less-threatening and become more aware of your own short-comings in a controlled manner. Now, how does one see this for what it is and conquer it? Or even try to figure it out?

Be a dumbo fumbo if the time arises, be a leader of men when the time calls for you.

Its all a role.

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