Surprise, Death and Lemons

Dream Feed

“That’s the ultimate goal of anyone that tries to deliver herself from the universe. Well. That, and cotton candy. “, Dr. Maximus Muhler mentioned to her in a note.

Mary, “Well, I wouldn’t suppose that it liberates you from life and death, does it?”. She stared intently, and smiled.

There was a stark change in her demeanour as she leapt closer, and looked directly into his eyes.

Mr. Muhler mumbled,” Let me be very clear with you Miss Sharpton, I don’t care enough about the subject matter to discuss the scene in depth. However let me assure you that taking this pill..” – He extended his hands outwards – “.. will bring your energy beyond miracles, and lessons beyond therapies”

“What did you just say?”

Mary held her knife against his neck.

“What did you just say, Mr. Muhler? This isn’t a game, you know”

“Oh my darling,” said Muhler. ” The game has just begun.”, speaking as he tried to swallow beyond the blade’s sharp depths

They returned to London the next morning, and Alice remembered something Mary said. Mary wasn’t speaking in tongues like she usually does and her demeanour was favourably sour this evening. Wonder why?

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