Surprise, Death and Lemons: Part 3

Dream Feed The Real You

As you enter the door after murdering yourself, you are met with the idea of seeing death for what it really is. What is the initiation right that comes at the moment of suicide. You are met with suzy, the demon worshipper that holds the keycard to the gateway.

Suzy says,”Thank you for joining us for this opera, or a playright as you will”

– “Is this it? Do I finally have retribution for my sins?”

“What’s a sin?”, says Suzy

– “I mean. I didn’t want to keep living on for the faults that I was accruing. The bad things that I didn’t want to continue on with.”

“The king that made the sins is now judging you for them. You see how dumb that is, young Daniel”

– “My name is not Daniel, infact I’m not even a..”

” You still don’t get it, do you? You and I are one and the same thing. You represent life and I death, but deep down everything is see, perceived, loved, cared, hated, enjoyed, and killed. Atoms that are particles and waves. What is it that you desire from me? What is your question, here at the gates of hell”

– “I’m in hell? After all the hell that life put me through on earth. I’m now in HELL?”

“HELL, HEAVEN, love, hate..You see how it all goes together? Like a dilemma?”, says Suzy

She continues, “I can’t keep going on like this, you’ll have to speak to management”

– “You mean God?”

The bag of bones inside the coffin roared with laughter.

“What an idiot”, the skull rumbled.

Suzy,” Now now Sir. Skullsly, you don’t have to laugh at the poor soul. After all, you were just like him a minute ago.”

Skullsly,” True. And not alteast in the bit of times. ”

– “What?”

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