Tackling Bore-dumb

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Seems to me a very interesting subject matter in boredom, is one that speaks culturally and ofcourse metaphysically. I dea and I nea, are only two states of consciousness in which Idea gets you out of boredom, and I nea gets you into it. You see, boredom essentially can be a very powerful creative tool to make you think about the deepest recesses of the human mind, and it makes you think about why you refuse to do certain things in life.

Like, for example, from 9-6 you’re extremely prodcutive and you want to acheive everything you can at work. But come 7pm, you just want to curl up and sleep. Or, on the flip side, you want to escape reality and go and get hammered. Both states of affairs are equally indicative of a similar problem. Probably, a single state of affair is conducive to reality-based elusiveness. However, at the end of it all, boredom consumes you until you can’t think any more.

How do you tackle it then? By being what ever you want to be and by doing whatever you want to do. Your heart wants to play and your mind wants to tick. See even light particles are constantly moving to reach your eye. If they got lazy and bored, you’d be blind. Or if all the local vegetable vendor got lazy and bored, you’d starve. This is why boredom is considered a major problem in society. It is a weakness. This is precisely why people that are bored feel more bored, because you have stigmatized boredom as unfavourable.

What consumes me, consumes you, and that everyone gets bored and lazy all ways and forever. It is because you want to reflect on things and avoid certain future pains. But you see these pains come from expectations of success, or even normality. When someone expects you to be normal, you tend to do just the opposite, to show them and yourself that there are two paths to life. Normality is ofcourse accompanied by crazy. So let your crazy out and express it in jest, because those who don’t have the spark, have nothing to lose but zest.

Boredom still encapsulates all the things that you’re supposed to do, and enters a frame of procrastination. Now in this state of affairs, you don’t want to accomplish something because you fear the repercussions of faliure. You dont take risks at work, you dont submit your term paper on time, you also dont call your grand parents any more. You see, this boils down to one thing. Why do you live?

Why do you continue on with life? Why are you so scared to express and hurt other people? Hurting people is the first step to making them understand that human intelligence is more than just what society frames it to be. But ofcourse, society is an easy punching bag for your troubles. It is you that forms society and you that destroys it. So why not create a society that is more favourable to laziness and more favourable to expressing that laziness to the n-th degree. Now that you’re relived from boredom, you now dont know who you are anymore.

You see, your ego was atached to the identity of being bored. Youve formed your identity and with the help of others, defined yourself as bored. Now what? Now theres nothing to do, but to enjoy your boredom till the extent that boredom becomes boring and you want some excitement.

It is thus that the world moves around in circles, until you find out that boredom and fun are simply two sides of the same coin. The same game that captures you, bores you, excites you, and traps you is the same game that everyone is playing. The game of living life, the game of the self-creator. The creator of all problems is the mind, and the solver of all problems is the mind itself. How does one then listen to something that’s out of his mind?

Something that’s bored out of his mind?

Now you’ve moved into the past and you reminisce about the past boredom.  You learn and then you forget. And you repeat boredom again.

Here it is folks. Boredom will never leave you, and so will energy. You will always have these emotions inside of you. It is simply your mind that chooses to pick one, in hopes that you’ll finally be able to define yourself.

Self-definition brings extreme stress, which brings extreme dissatisfaction, which ultimately makes you want to curl up in your blanket and be bored to death. Stink away, until you never want to return.

Q- Well then, how do you get out of it and enter a state of energy?

A – You’re here, already. Nowhere to go anywhere. You are energy, just like you are the universe. You are fear and anger, you are lust and unfaithfulness. You are everything. Now how does everything define itself as only ONE thing? It can’t. The voices in your head are simply directions that you can choose. You choose wisely – that is your decision. You choose stupidly – that is also your decision. Both decisions mean the same thing, and ultimately you will die. Now what do you want to do in this musical life? Live in fear and play the sad game. Or live in harmony and live the happy game? Both games are equally fine. No preference should be given to either. And now you see, you are free to choose boredom or energy, as and when you choose to do so. Good luck, because you are the mirror, from which we reflect ourselves.

Now check yourself. Do you feel a little relieved?

Have no fear. Death will always be near. But even in death, the fear you shear, will count you on, for years and years.




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