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Doing presentations to people

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That’s what we all do. We present ourselves to others, with our nice hair and our shiny shoes. We do that all the time. Some take it to next level. They become models. They make money. Others have no money, so they can do that. They are beggars. But even...

How to control envy

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What is this feeling that we call envy? Why do we feel like we need to own something beyond our means, and we get jealous to no extent. Does it stem from our childhood, when we would vie for our parent’s attention? Or does it stem from the current culture...

What’s your kryptonite


What makes you weak? What makes you lazy? Find it and end it. Soon you’ll realize that you’re endless. You’re limitless. You define your boundaries when you see challenges ahead of you. You find them and then end them one-by-one. But sometimes you find your kryptonite and you feel like...

We are all becoming distant


Slowly and steadily, technology is connecting us and driving us apart. We can skip through all those awkward pauses, formal conversations, and mood swings of real life people. We have replaced all of this with the ease of social media. The idea behind connecting 7 billion people is a novel...

Mind Magic Meltdown: Why we fear our problems


Sit still for a moment, and think about your own death. Go ahead, you have 3 minutes to spare. Sit still and just wait for your death to come. Think about your body slowly decaying and turning into dust. Imagine what the world would be after you die. If you...

Why do we keep feeling sad over and over again?


Because we fail. We fail in our goals, endeavours, and our own self-improvement. We then associate ourselves with these failures and refuse to get out of sadness. But the deeper question is that, if we know that sadness is dumb, then why do we keep doing it over and over...