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The Happiest Man in The World

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It is Matthieu Richard – more or less. A buddhist monk is the happiest man in the world. By brain scans measurements, when Matthieu goes into meditation – his brain lights up and releases endorphins. His brain has an abnormally large capacity for happiness. We’ve found it. Now we know...

Happiness – Decoded!


Happiness as it happens to be, is a response to some-thing. An apple, a banana, a chocolate, a movie, or an iPhone. A response to some-thing is happiness. But that is a condition in our mind that is largely set by our environment. Advertising on TV makes us buy things,...

Why do we keep feeling sad over and over again?


Because we fail. We fail in our goals, endeavours, and our own self-improvement. We then associate ourselves with these failures and refuse to get out of sadness. But the deeper question is that, if we know that sadness is dumb, then why do we keep doing it over and over...